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Chaplaincy, Spiritual and Pastoral Care

 Chaplaincy Logo

We are here to ensure that the spiritual or religious and cultural values and or faith beliefs are respected and supported for each person who uses the services of the Trust, or works within it.  The role of chaplaincy is to care for the spiritual, pastoral and religious needs, of all people within the Trust.

For a leaflet describing our services click here.

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Caring for your spiritual side...

At the high spots and low spots of our life, at birth, death, or bereavement, within relationship issues and during periods of illness we often find ourselves searching for meaning and understanding. How do we begin to process those raw, overwhelming emotions and feelings?  We all have hopes, fears, and values that may or may not be rooted in a particular faith, spiritual or religious tradition or culture.

When we are feeling ill, or stressed we may feel vulnerable or frightened, at these times we may find ourselves asking questions about the meaning of these life experiences. Perhaps even questioning why this is happening.

You may wish to talk things over with a chaplain as a way of making sense of the experience. We will not give you slick answers but we may help you to think through this experience and find some answers for yourself.

Many people find the most natural way for them is to express their spiritual self in their own way, through their own particular beliefs, religious traditions and worship.  We respect people’s own spiritual beliefs and faith; we do not evangelise or try to convert.

We have Faith rooms at the Mount, Becklin Centre, St Mary’s Hospital and a Peace Room at The Newsam Centre. These are places of peace and quiet and are open for prayer and reflection.

The Chaplaincy, Spiritual and Pastoral Care Team provide non judgemental, sensitive and confidential support and can provide links with appropriate community spiritual groups.

Contact us

Anyone who is using the services of the Trust, is a member of staff or is a relative or carer may contact the chaplaincy team for support.  We provide regular service of communion and mutli-faith gathering peace prayers.  We work across the Trust and can be contacted via:     

                  Sue Nemyria
                  Chaplaincy Team Secretary
                  Tel: 0113 85 55513

Chaplains regularly visit, Aire Court, Askett Croft, Towngate House, St Mary’s Hospital, and St Mary’s House. 
For other sites, or for individuals who are unable to leave the wards, appointments can be made by request with the Chaplains for prayers or service.


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