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Leeds Addiction Unit

 LAU autumn

Better treatment better outcomes


The Addiction Unit clinical work is complemented by the Training Department which has a portfolio of courses validated and accredited by the University of Leeds, and additionally the Unit consultants collaborate on leading a programme of clinically orientated research.  The clinical and non-clinical services are strongly bound together so each benefits from the other. 


The service works collaboratively with a large number of very different stakeholders including service users, the Universities of Leeds and York, commissioners, other service providers both locally and nationally and provides consultancy and advice to national bodies. 


The essential role of the Addiction Unit is to provide assessment, treatment, and aftercare for people who misuse alcohol and other drugs and who have complex needs.  Access to services is assured by having available central health care services, home visiting, and primary care based clinics.  The scope of complex problems includes:


·              People with severe and enduring mental illness

·              People with moderate or severe mental illness other than psychosis

·              People with personality disorder

·              People with multiple problems of neglect

·              People with multiple morbidity, poly-pharmacy and dependence

·              People with high dependence or poly-drug use

·              Women who are pregnant and their partners

·              People with complex child protection needs

·              People needing high tariff or specialist prescribing


Service users have a care plan, which includes family and friends, is based on a psychosocial intervention supplemented by all necessary special needs interventions.  Pharmacotherapies, including ‘high tariff’ prescribing, are integrated in the care plan.  Therapists work alongside other practitioners from specialist services, ‘wrap around’ services, primary care, criminal justice services and others.  All service users will work with their keyworker to achieve their personal goals as part of their care programme.  Typically care programmes run from three to twelve months.


We expect our staff to demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and fair environment by challenging behaviour which is unacceptable, in particular on the grounds of race, gender, colour, ethnicity or national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age and faith or belief.  


Open to service users:

8.30 – 5.00 Monday and Friday
8.30 – 7.00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 


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