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Your Health Matters

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This page is to give guidance and provide a resource on the topic of :-


  •  Health Action Plans
  •  Health Facilitation
  • Annual Health Checks
  • Traffic Light Hospital Assessment


What is a Health Action Plan?

 It is a plan which has actions to make sure the person with a Learning Disability keeps healthy. The actions written either maintain or improve health, and will list people who may help the person to do this.


Why does a person with a Learning Disability need a Health Action Plan?

To support access to mainstream health services and receive the services that they need to keep healthy. There is a lot of evidence to say people with a Learning Disability have had their health needs overlooked. 


What is Health Facilitation?

For person to person work, Health facilitation is a key role to help the person with a Learning disability to enable them to find out what they need to do to stay healthy and the right services.


 Who can be a Health Facilitator?

The role can be taken on by a range of people including support workers, family carer’s, friends, advocates as well as health professionals.


 What does a Health Facilitator have to do?

 ·         Be a known and trusted person

·         Know how to access local health services, dentist, opticians, GP etc

·         Work closely with the person and put them at the centre of the Health Action Plan

·         Create a Health Action Plan that is useful and understandable to the person

·         Help the person to speak up when they are not getting the right help or service

·         Monitor progress on the Health Action Plan


Annual Health Checks

The Service Users GP could invite them to have an annual health check to provide an opportunity to ensure health needs are identified and met

‘My Yearly Health Check’ booklet will help the Service User and Health Facilitator to look at some of the health issues and complete before visiting their doctor

Even if the Service User hasn’t been sent a letter by their doctor inviting them for a health check, the booklet can be completed and can be discussed with the practice nurse or doctor if there are some health concerns and ask for a health check.

 For a copy of the Your Health Matters Leaflet giving general advice on keeping well click here.

 To view our 'easy on the i' Your Heart Matters- a guide to having a healthy heart' click here.

Traffic Light hospital Asessment Booklet

For service users going into an acute hospital (Leeds Teaching hospitals) for a planned or emergency stay it is very important that the  hospital team (staff) get to know and understand the individual service users essential and important needs.

The Traffic Light Hospital Assessment  booklet provides the information to help the hospital team (staff) look after and meet the persons care needs  during their stay in hospital. The booklet is to be completed by the service user and/or carer prior to going into hospital or immediately on admission.

The discharge plan at the back of the booklet should be used by the hospital team with service users and carers to plan for a safe discharge home.



Your Health Matters

My Yearly Healthcheck

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Traffic Light Hospital Assessment


Your Heart Matters- a guide to having a healthy heart