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Leeds Gender Identity Service


Leeds Gender Identity service offers assessment and support to people with gender dysphoria who wish to explore the possibility of transition into their true gender role. The service provides assessment stages which allow the team to consider the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and a further diagnosis of Transsexualism. The team use a holistic assessment tool which includes looking at mental, social and physical health. Once the assessment stages have been completed including the conformation of a diagnosis, and the service user is ready to move forward with treatment, the care pathway can then be considered. The care pathway includes a prescribing clinic that can initiate hormone treatment, Voice workshops and can refer appropriate clients for 2nd opinions and core gender reassignment surgery.

For more information regarding the assessment stages and the care pathway options please Click here 

The service accepts referrals from across the North of England. We have commissioning agreements in place with NHS England who enable the team to provide a service to those individuals living within this area who wish to access assessment and possible treatment.

Our team consists of: 

·7 clinical nurse specialists who see clients through the assessment process and act in the role as lead professional to those clients moving into the care pathway.

·A doctor with special interest in endocrinology. The doctor is responsible for the running of the prescribing clinic. She sees clients referred for hormone treatment initially for assessment and if all is well will initiate hormone treatment, the service request that blood tests are completed by the individuals GP practice to ensure safe prescribing can occur. Once an individuals hormone levels are stable the client will be transferred to their GP for continued hormone prescription.  

·A pharmacist who has a dual role within the service. She works alongside the prescribing clinic providing support when needed and seeing clients on a 1:1 basis for counselling in relation to hormone treatment. The pharmacist also has a none medical prescribing role, seeing clients in the prescribing clinic for the initiation of hormone treatment. It would be expected that the individual’s GP would take over this role once hormone levels are stable.

·A voice group facilitator who provides eight group sessions for trans women to help support individuals using their voice in a way which will provide clients with confidence while living in their chosen gender role. A Transman workshop is also provided twice a year.

Voice Training

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is embarking on a project which aims to identify ways in which digital (apps, websites etc) can improve services and enhance patient care. Further information can be found at The Gender Identity service is currently evaluating the benefits of introducing a voice training app which can be accessed via smartphones or tablets, as part of the treatment package currently offered. In order for us to understand the feasibility of such measures and the potential to improve our service we would be grateful if you could complete the following questionnaire:

·An occupational therapist who has a dual role within the service. She acts as a lead professional to a specified group of clients and also takes OT specific referrals. Again the OT will see clients through the assessment process and provide support to those moving into the care pathway.

· A clinical team manager who oversees the day to day management of the service and provides line management to the nursing/ occupational therapy team.

·A team administrator who provides administrative support to all the clinicians and acts as first point of contact to clients accessing the service.

·2 consultant psychiatrists who provide input into the assessment period and will be involved in all client review appointments. They are responsible for diagnosis, referrals into different branches of the service e.g. hormone treatment and surgical interventions.


The team request a positive referral from the clients GP, this shows the GP is in support of their client accessing specialist service intervention and shows commitment to shared care arrangements for hormone treatment.

If you would like more information about the referral process please Click here

If you would like to refer someone to the Leeds Gender Identity Service please Click here for the referral form.

Please Click here if you would like to see our waiting times to first appointment offered.


Contact us


Leeds Gender Identity Service welcome any comments or feedback which service users wish to share with the team. Individuals can do this using the web form below, electronically through email, in writing or through the patient experience questionnaires given to service users following each appointment. The service will look at all feedback provided and respond to the comments / feedback given. Please note that we are unable to respond to correspondence via the web form. If you would like a response then please contact us using the email or postal address below and we will respond by letter within 14 days.

Please see the service contact details below:

Leeds Gender Identity Service
Management Suite
1st floor
Newsam Centre
Seacroft Hospital
York Road
LS14 6WB

Office Tel: 0113 8556346