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Adult Inpatient Service

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Acute Inpatient Service

The acute inpatient wards provide inpatient services in a therapeutic environment to adults between the ages of 18-65 with severe mental illness, who have been assessed by The Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHT) as requiring inpatient care in the event that care can not be provided safely in another environment or in the community.

The service consists of two female wards and two male wards at the Becklin Centre (90 beds), a mixed sex ward (19 beds) at the Newsam Centre and a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU, 12 beds) also based at the Newsam Centre.

Continuous Improvement

In 2007 The Becklin Centre achieved Practice Development Unit Stage One and more recently in November 2008 the Becklin Centre became the first mental health inpatient unit in the country to achieve Stage Two accreditation. Practice Development Unit status means that as a service we have demonstrated that we are committed to patient centred care delivery, improving service provision and actively engaging staff in developing new initiatives and standards.  The wards are also engaged in the Productive Wards, Releasing Time to Care programmes.

Meet the Team

Each ward has a staffing complement of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical staff, Nurses, Health Support Workers and Occupational Therapists. Service users also have access to Recovery and Social Inclusion workers, Psychological Therapies, Pharmacy and Healthy Living Teams.

 Therapeutic Activity

On admission each patient is assessed to determine their needs and an individual treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the patient. The treatment plan will address issues such as physical health needs, mental health needs, housing, activities of daily living and any other area the service user feels will support their recovery.
Each service user will be allocated a Primary Worker, an Associate Worker and a Named Health Support Worker who will work in partnership with the patient to support his/her recovery and discharge home.
As part of an individuals care plan they will be encouraged to take part in therapeutic activity both on the ward and in the Therapy Suite, such as Art, Cookery, Reflective Writing, Anxiety and Anger Management, Exploring Grief, Rhythm and Music and Mind Over Mood. Within the Therapy Suite there is a gym offering individual and group sessions. There is also a newly formed Healthy Living Team whose role is to help patients improve their physical well being and general health through physical activity and dietary advice.

Faith & Spirituality

Within the Becklin Centre there is a department of Spiritual and Pastoral care which offers spiritual support in both group and individual settings. There is also access to Chaplaincy support at the Newsam Centre. This service is for both service users and their carers.

Transfer and Discharge

Occasionally a service user maybe transferred to another ward such as the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) if they require care in a more secure environment. Usually following this episode of care the service user will be transferred back to the Acute admission ward to continue with their programme of care.
Prior to discharge there will be planned discussions with the service user, their care coordinator, ward staff and carer (if appropriate) to determine the package of care required following discharge. Some service users may be referred to Intensive Home Treatment or will attend Acute Community Day Services as part of their discharge package of care. All service users will be followed up at home by a member of their community team within 3 days of their discharge.


Rehabilitation and Recovery Service

The Rehabilitation and Recovery Inpatient Services specialise in rehabilitation and recovery work with people who have ongoing serious mental health issues which significantly impact on their health and social functioning. All units offer individualised packages of care with regard to care coordination, catering facilities, therapeutic activity and re-integration to the community. Staffing levels are typically three staff on during the day and two at night.

There are 3 community units with a length of stay typically 6-12 months which are located in residential areas and are as follows.
Millside, Meanwood (Mixed Gender, 17 Beds)
Asket House, Seacroft (Mixed Gender, 16 Beds)
Towngate House, Guiseley (Male Only, 18 Beds)

There is a newly opened secure rehabilitation ward providing a more contained environment for service users presenting a higher risk. This unit offers a length of stay of 18 months - 2 years and is based at:
Ward 5, Newsam Centre, Seacroft Hospital (Male Only, 17 Beds)

Contact us

Phil Sunderland, Clinical Services Manager, Inpatient Services
Gail Galvin, Clinical Operations Manager, Acute Inpatient Service
Judith Barnes, Clinical Operations Manager, Rehabilitation and Recovery Service
Jeff Whiley, Service Manager, Acute Inpatient Service, York

Becklin Centre
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Tel: 0113 305 6607
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