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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

About us

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) is for children and young people up to the age of 18 who have emotional or behavioural problems or other mental health difficulties. There is an outpatient service - Lime Trees; and an inpatient service - Mill Lodge, which are both provided by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

When a child or young person's worries, problems or behaviour do not go away or begin to seriously interfere with their everyday lives, that is when the CAMHS team can support and give you professional help and advice. We know that about 1 in 10 young people have these kinds of problems at some time in their lives.

Most people seen by the Lime Trees team attend appointments or groups in the in the outpatient (community) service. If the problem is more severe and needs more intensive support then the Mill Lodge inpatient team can become involved.

Referral process

You need to be referred to CAMHS by your GP, school or health visitor. The referral will first go to a primary mental health worker. They are the local link workers who come out and see you. They will talk with you and decide with you what might be helpful.
This might mean:

• the primary mental health worker meets with you again
• you see someone from Lime Trees
• you talk about other services that might be helpful
• you decide you don't want to see anyone

If you decide seeing someone at Lime Trees might be helpful, the primary mental health worker will send them a referral. Someone at Lime Trees will then send you an appointment letter.

Community Team

Most people seen by the Lime Trees team attend appointments or groups in the community service.
As outlined above, the primary mental health worker will send Lime Trees a referral if you decide that you would like to use this service. The community team will then allocate a member of staff or specialist team who best meets the needs of your child or family. These are some of the different treatments which are offered by our community team:

• Different forms of therapy, including individual, group and family therapy.
• Medication (though this is not common)
• Parent support groups
• Networking and consultation with different agencies to help you/your child remain involved with day to day activities (ie, school, colleges, employers, youth services, voluntary agencies).

Inpatient Service - Mill Lodge

If more intensive support is needed then the inpatient team can become involved. Mill Lodge Inpatient unit  currently provides 11 beds though  we now have the facilities to provide Inpatient care for 16 young people and are working towards opening all 16 beds in the coming months.

The unit is staffed by nurses with the support of a larger team including psychiatrists, teachers, occupational therapists, a family therapist, dietitians, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and a social worker.

The decision to admit a young person to Mill Lodge is made after the young person and their family/carers have visited and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of admission. Parents maintain full parental rights and responsibilities throughout the admission unless the young person is detained under the Mental Health Act (1983) or a court order affects those rights and responsibilities.

When a young person is admitted there is usually an initial assessment period of 4 to 6 weeks, during which time the staff aim to establish a relationship with the young person and their family/carers, and clarify how Mill Lodge can be most helpful.

Contact us

Lime Trees CAMHS Outpatient Service
If you would like more information about CAMHS Lime Trees (outpatients) service, contact 01904 294200
31 Shipton Road, York, YO30 5RE

Mill Lodge CAMHS Inpatient Service
If you would like more information about CAMHS Mill Lodge (inpatients) service, contact 01904 294050
520 Huntington Road, Huntington, York

For more information about the service generally, you can download the information pack, though this is currently being reviewed to reflect the recent move of our inpatients service from Lime Trees to Mill Lodge here. An updated information pack will be available shortly.