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Equality and Diversity

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust serves the diverse communities of Leeds, York and North Yorkshire and we are committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity. Our commitment is to promoting equality and diversity in the way we deliver and commission our services and towards creating a workforce that is broadly representative of the population we serve.

As a provider of mental health and learning disability services, we are aware of the problems and distress caused by stigma and discrimination. We believe we have a collective duty to tackle this and promote more positive attitudes and behaviour.

The Trust has an obligation, under legislation, to ensure equality of opportunity as well as a patient-centred vision of healthcare. In order to achieve this high level, quality of service, the needs of all people within the communities of Leeds, York and North Yorkshire must be considered and responded to. We aim to achieve this through consultation with service users and carers and engaging with local communities.

Public Sector Equality Duty

We want to make sure our services are accessible, inclusive and culturally appropriate. We want our staff to work in an enviroment that is inclusive and free from discrimination and harrassment.

We are in the process of reviewing our equality priorities for 2016/17.  Further information and equality progress will be published shortly.

Information to meet the Public Sector Equality Duties - (31st January 2013). This document aims to demonstrate how we are meeting the Public Sector Equality requirements.

Wide consultation has been undertaken to develop Equality Objectives for 2012/13 which extend further from our previous Single Equality Scheme.The Equality Objectives for 2013/14 have been updated.

LYPFT Equality Delivery System Evidence - (January 2013). This document shows updated evidence to inform the review of our equality performance.